About Mediterra

MediTerra's clients include companies, organisations and public and private bodies, both national and foreign. In this sense, MediTerra usually works in close contact with industrialists from very diverse sectors, investors, legal firms, real estate developers, architects, Project Management, appraisers, financial and insurance entities, as well as a large number of international consultancies with which we collaborate as a local consultancy in Spain, which has allowed MediTerra to create an international network of companies with the aim of offering specialised local services to clients regardless of their geographical location


MediTerra is widely recognised within the environmental consultancy sector for its high level of specialisation, the quality of its work and its ability to respond quickly and effectively to its clients' needs. 

We understand that environmental problems require highly specialised global solutions, and that only by integrating and combining legal and technical aspects can we provide the best solutions in each case. To this end, MediTerra incorporates professionals with multidisciplinary training from very diverse sectors.



MediTerra  was created by partners Nila Nielsen and Jordi Boronat in 1998. Since its foundation, it has focused its highly specialised activity on the following market segments:

- Soil and groundwater contamination investigation and remediation;
- Legal Compliance and Corporate Audits;
- Transactions and Due Diligence;
- Environmental Risk Management;
- Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability.



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Jordi Boronat

Jordi Boronat, is the General Manager of MediTerra Consultors Ambientals SL. With 30 years of multidisciplinary professional experience in environmental, health and safety matters mainly in the fields of legal assistance, environmental due diligence and environmental compliance audits, as well as soil and groundwater investigation and remediation projects for both the private and public sectors. Mr. Boronat has conducted and prepared reports and legislative protocols for over 400 corporate Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance audits in Spain and Portugal. He has experience with a wide range of commercial, industrial, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metal processing, metal machining, electroplating, foundries, technological, commercial, etc. clients.

Mr. Boronat manages EU projects as a Spanish expert within European consortia, e.g. Evaluation of the EU Health and Safety at Work Directives or Evaluation of the impacts of the new update of the EU Carcinogens Directive in Spain (2017). Mr. Boronat is a Corporate Member of the Audit Roundtable Association (currently included in the Institute of Internal Auditors) and of NICOLE (European Network of Soil Contamination Companies).


Nila Nielsen

Pernille (Nila) Nielsen holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (1992) and an MBA (2007). Since 1998 Ms. Nielsen has been a partner and director of MediTerra where, apart from project management, she is also responsible for general and financial management and has contributed to the positioning of MediTerra as a nationally and internationally renowned environmental consultancy. As an environmental consultant, she has specialised in environmental due diligence (EDD), EH&S compliance and soil and groundwater contamination, accumulating a wide international experience of more than 30 years, mainly in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Denmark.

Ms. Nielsen advises various players in the real estate sector such as investment funds, project management companies, law firms, developers, etc. She has also acted as an expert in matters related to environmental legislation. She is responsible for the quality system and has implemented the ISO 17020 standard (soil inspection body) in MediTerra accreditation obtained by ENAC in 2010.

Our Mission

MediTerra is committed to making the world a better place for today and for the future.

Our Vision

Customers, employees, competitors and partners will recognise MediTerra as a leader in the environmental and health and safety sector.

Customers value us for the integrity of our employees, the quality of our services, our tailor-made technical solutions and our absolute dedication to customer satisfaction.

Employees seek MediTerra as their first choice for personal/professional growth and the ability to work with a number of highly skilled people in a culture that promotes teamwork and safety.

Our Values

We treat everyone with mutual respect, trust and honesty.

We conduct all activities with pride, integrity and the highest regard for safety.

We seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.