Legal compliance in the media and prevention of labour risks

The constant appearance of legal regulations related to the Environment, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety, as well as their dispersion in 17 Autonomous Communities and in more than 8000 municipalities throughout Spain makes their implementation very complex as far as companies are concerned. Likewise, this change and constant evolution of the regulations makes it difficult for companies to ensure full compliance with the regulations that apply to them and/or that this implementation has been carried out correctly.

MediTerra's multidisciplinary team offers not only knowledge of the regulations, but also experience in their practical application at the different levels of administration in Spain.

Advice on legal issues through ongoing legal advisory services offered by MediTerra or by conducting legal compliance audits, allows for effective management of the company's environmental responsibility.

In addition, MediTerra offers its experience in energy efficiency advice, so that our clients (industries, businesses, offices, national, regional, local bodies...) can meet the challenges that are derived and that are legally required by the European Union, in terms of energy saving. In this sense, MediTerra can carry out integrated Energy, Environment and PRL audits and evaluate compliance with the group's policies at each site.