Legal Compliance Audits

MediTerra has extensive experience in participating in legal compliance audits using both its own protocols and protocols provided by the client. Some of the most important audit programmes in which MediTerra has participated include: BP, GM, FMC Foret, Alcoa, PPG, Textron, Delphi, AirProducts, Kenci (Kennametal), Columbian Carbon, SPX, American Standards, Ashland Chemical, Magna International Inc, etc.

MediTerra offers an interdisciplinary team of professionals and its extensive experience in the performance of Environmental, Energy and Health and Safety (EHS) compliance services based on:

  • Legal advice (on-going or ad hoc)
  • Drafting and maintenance of legal requirements associated with each industrial/commercial activity.
  • Legal compliance audits or EEHS Compliance Audits (internal or corporate).
  • Audits according to internal protocols.
  • Vector audits (air, waste, soil, energy, etc.).
  • Supplier audits (specific or scheduled).
  • Implementation of protocols (audit or internal).
  • Evaluation of protocols/programmes already implemented in companies.
  • Drafting of operational control procedures based on the applicable legal regulations.
  • Support software for legal compliance (protocols, updating of legal regulations, databases, etc.).
  • Processing of licences.
  • Economic feasibility studies for environmental investments.
  • Outsourcing of EEHS services.