MediTerra is an inspection body accredited by ENAC with accreditation No. 193/EI349. It is accredited by ENAC under the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 standard as a Type C Inspection Entity for the performance of Inspections in the Area of Potentially Contaminated Soils and Groundwater Associated with Potentially Contaminated Soils and Risk Analysis.

Royal Decree 9/2005, which establishes the list of potentially contaminating activities and the criteria and standards for declaring land as contaminated, and Law 7/2022 on Waste and Contaminated Land, form the legislative framework for contaminated land policy in Spain.

The different Autonomous Communities are drawing up Decrees that develop and complete the contents of RD 9/2005.

The main obligations arising from RD 9/2005 are as follows:

- Companies with potentially contaminating activities are required to submit soil status reports in case of establishment, expansion and closure of the activity.

-Owners of soil that has supported a potentially polluting activity in the past will have to submit a status report in case of establishment of an activity involving a change of land use.

MediTerra has specific tools for contaminated soils and water that allow it to act in the most efficient way both technically and economically (software such as Aquifer Test, MODFLOW, MT3D, RBCA, sampling and measuring equipment, etc.).

MediTerra's multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in projects developed both nationally and internationally. The different sites investigated include industries belonging to the chemical, automotive, energy, oil, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, paints and pigments, textile, food, cosmetics, land for real estate developments, airports, military facilities, service stations, firing ranges and landfills among others.

Consultancy services:

Due diligence audits or audits due to the cessation of activity.
Conducting investigations and analyses in ISO 17025-certified laboratories.
Carrying out in-situ tests (pumping test, permeability test, explosion test, Bail-Down, etc.).
Preparation of ISO 17020-accredited Risk Analyses for human health and ecosystems.
Remediation of contaminated sites.
Negotiations with the competent environmental authorities.

MediTerra is accredited to carry out research and clean-up actions in all those autonomous communities that require it (e.g. Catalonia, the Basque Country, Extremadura, the Canary Islands, Andalusia, etc.).

In addition, it collaborates in various European programmes aimed at combating soil contamination. Of these, the following are worth mentioning:

NICOLE (Network for Contaminated Land in Europe)

CABERNET (Concerted Action on Brownfield and Economic Regeneration Network)