Contaminated Soil Investigations (Phase II)

The Phase II soil and groundwater investigation is a complementary investigation to the preliminary Phase I investigation in which sampling points are selected for soil and groundwater sampling work. MediTerra's internal procedures are used according to the ISO 17020 standard for Inspection Bodies implemented in MediTerra. The methodology is as follows:

  • Drafting of a detailed work plan before starting field work;
  • Soil and groundwater sampling campaign;
  • Analysis of samples in the laboratory;
  • Study of the analysis of risks to human health (if applicable);
  • Presentation of report and proposal of complementary actions.

The investigation of the environmental quality of soil and groundwater is carried out by means of mechanical boreholes, the final depth of which will depend on the depth at which the water table is located during the investigation campaign.

In the event of detecting compounds that exceed the NGRs for industrial use, and in compliance with Royal Decree 9/2005, it will be necessary to carry out an assessment of the risks that these may pose to human health due to soil contamination in the possible recipients of contamination from current and future use.