MediTerra Consultors Ambientals S.L.

MediTerra is an independent environmental consultancy founded in 1998. The activity of MediTerra has been mainly focused towards

MediTerra is widely recognized within the environmental consultancy sector thanks to the experience and specialization of its professional and multidisciplinary team.

It is our philosophy to

For each of the service areas we have continuous training plans which enable us to keep abreast of the latest technical advances, incorporate the best environmental tools (legal database software, risk assessment models, etc.) and be up to date on the current applicable and emerging environmental policies, legislation and regulatory requirements.

All our services are governed by environmental, economic and social sustainable criteria. That is to say, during the development of a project such as the remediation of contaminated soil, we make sure the impact on the environment is as little as possible. For this reason, we propose sustainable techniques which minimize both the environmental and the economic impacts of a project promoting the social use of the remediated land.

Our participation in international networks such as Nicole, Cabernet, Surfer, etc. also keeps us at the forefront of the most recent international developments of our sector.

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