CO2 footprint

Global warming is a fact. Over the last century, the temperature of the planet has experienced one of the greatest increases in its entire history. A multitude of studies support the veracity of a worrying trend in which we are all participants, including us, the companies.

At MediTerra we are aware of the objectives that humanity must face in the coming years and of the role that companies like ours must play in order to achieve them. Due to the nature of the sector to which we belong, we must always act with respect for the environment, the safety and health of people and be a role model for other companies and society in general.

Our activity seeks to be as sustainable as possible and that is why since 2018 MediTerra has been collaborating in the Voluntary Agreements Programme that the Catalan Office for Climate Change launched in 2010. As a result of this collaboration, a multitude of proposals have been born that have contributed to reducing the carbon footprint of our employees by more than 57% over the last four years, thus ratifying the company's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. An example of this is that MediTerra 's offices currently operate with 100% renewable electrical energy and have different technologies that make them more efficient. These technologies include the adoption of a passive air renewal system, the presence of air conditioning equipment that does not emit any greenhouse gases, the use of low-consumption LED lighting systems and the recent update of our small fleet of vehicles, which is increasingly efficient and sustainable.

At MediTerra we are also firmly committed to reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. In recent years we have managed to reduce water consumption by 18% and paper consumption by a further 66%. Another of our major concerns is recycling. We recycle absolutely all the goods we consume both in our offices and in the long field campaigns that are part of our daily activity.

At MediTerra we are not satisfied with the work we have done so far. We are an ambitious company that aims to continually improve our actions to protect what we value most and which, after all, is our reason for being and why we exist: the environment.