MediTerra participa en las conferencias de Nicole-Common Forum en Berlin

Nila Nielsen, Directora de MediTerra es miembro del Panel de Discusión en donde se debatirá sobre la Directiva de Emisiones Industriales y el informe Base de Suelos (IED – baseline report), IED – BREFs monitoring and remediation, Directiva de Responsabilidad Ambiental -ELD (BIOS evaluation) y el estado de la Directiva Marco de Suelos – SFD (status).

NICOLE and Common Forum are celebrating the second joint Workshop on 15 and 16th May 2014 in Berlin, with the title; A European policy framework on contaminated land: Enabling integrated land management and promoting sustainability.

The objective of this workshop is to review all relevant recent European legislative and policy developments addressing contaminated soil related issues and examine the challenges for transposition / implementation by the EU Member States and the practical effects on problem and site management. The main policy documents affecting contaminated land management, which will be discussed, are: the Industrial Emission directive, the Environmental Liability Directive, the Water Framework Directive and its Groundwater Daughter Directive.

Besides presentations also a major part of the Workshop will be used for discussions in breakout sessions in order to structure the legislative framework on contaminated land management. Because of the different backgrounds of NICOLE and Common Forum this will improve insight in each other perspectives. An important key question for the discussion will be what the impact is of the legislative framework on the emerging field of sustainable remediation.

This workshop offers the opportunity to industry; service providers, policy-makers and regulators to learn more about each other’s concerns, some of which will be shared, and so help support better transposition and integrative implementation of the environmental directives in the EU Member States.



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