Work Area


MediTerra provides advisory services to a wide number of industrial sectors so that businesses adapt their facilities to current environmental as well as occupational health and safety (EHS) regulations. MediTerra also specializes in the development and application of environmental management systems (ISO 14001 and EMAS), management of chemicals and other hazardous substances, corporate carbon footprint calculation and environmental risk assessments.

In addition, MediTerra also offers the following services:

–   Conditions for chemicals storage (APQ’S);

–   Licences and permits transactions;

–   Exposure to chemicals and other hazardous substances;

–   Advice on food safety.

–   Environmental Risk Assessment at SEVESO sites and/or facilities;

–   European Directive on Environmental Liability (ELD);

–   Contaminated sites risk assessment.

Some relevant industrial sectors for which MediTerra has worked are the following:

Mediterra is a member of: