Work Area

MediTerra conducts projects at both national and international levels being its three major clients:

The lack of criteria and specific regulations did not stop the public administrations from developing their own policies on contaminated soil and groundwater for which the help of environmental specialists and advisors was required.

When Royal Decree 9/2005, which establishes a list of potentially soil polluting activities as well as the criteria and standards to declare a soil as contaminated, was finally approved on 14 January 2005, it marked the end of the lack of environmental regulations on contaminated soils. The public administrations would have to adapt their policies to the new regulations and start applying them.

MediTerra collaborates with entities and public companies such as the Waste Agency and the Water Agency of the Autonomous Government of Catalunya, the Public Society of Environmental Management of the Government of the Basque Country (IHOBE), the Ministry of Environment, Health & Social Affairs of the Government of Andorra, etc.

The counselling and assistance provided by MediTerra has followed these main action lines:

The most important projects MediTerra has conducted include:

MediTerra also collaborates with various Environmental European Programs created with the aim to fight against soil contamination among which it is worth mentioning: NICOLE (Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe) andCABERNET (Concerted Action on Brownfield and Economic Regeneration Network).

Mediterra is a member of: