Energy and Climate Change

Global Warming is already happening and it is due to the rise of Greenhouse Gas concentrations caused mainly by burning fossil fuels. If we also consider the fossil resource depletion and the constant rise in energy prices we can agree that energy and climate change issues are closely related. They both represent some of the greatest challenges that current and future sustainable companies must face.

To handle these challenges, the multidisciplinary team of MediTerra can help companies providing all the necessary resources to actively manage the energy systems and carbon emissions of the company by means of governance procedures, measuring instruments, calculation systems and management programmes among others.

In reference to the Energy vector, the goal is to understand, in depth, the energy situation of the company in order to detect the energy savings potential and quantify its economic viability. It is important to consider that, rather than particular actions, what will definitely guarantee energy savings is to systematically and continuously manage the energy system of the company.

On the other hand, a well-designed and maintained GHG inventory can serve companies establishing a true and fair account of their emissions. The implementation of Carbon Standards enables organisations to demonstrate their commitment to achieve Carbon Footprint reduction.



– Energy Audits in multiple sectors

– Implementation of Energy Management Systems. Energy Certification according to EN-16001 and ISO-50001 standards

– Continuous assessment in the energy management of the company

– Partial Energy Audits for certain systems or products;

– Energy Measuring studies: Thermography reports and Power Grid analysis

– Energy Building Certification (using Lider and Calener programmes) and studies to improve the qualification of buildings

– Viability studies to implement CHP or Renewable Energy systems



– Emission Inventories for multiple sectors

– Calculation and reduction of Business Carbon Footprint

– Development and implementation of GHG protocols

– Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)

– EU ETS Consultancy (Directive 2003/87/CE)

– Carbon Neutral Programmes

– Carbon Standards Implementation (ISO 14064, GHG Protocol Initiative)

– Offset Programmes (reforestations, wind energy, solar, biomass, etc.)

– GHG emission monitoring, reporting and verification

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