Transactions – Due Diligence Audits

MediTerra is a specialist in the development of Environmental Audits (Compliance and Corporate Audits) as well as Due Diligence reports on environmental and energy liabilities and their costs. The performance of these audits comprises and combines technical, financial and legal aspects.

A Due Diligence (DD) is a comprehensive x-ray of a commercial business, industry or plot of land carried out for acquisition or leasing processes or changes in the shareholding structure.

The DD can be commissioned by the buyer to identify environmental liabilities and the prevention of risks, to quantify the costs and negotiate the purchase price. The seller can also commission it to denote transparency.

Due Diligences, applied to the purchase or sale of active industrial and commercial companies, include the revision of all the vectors and costs of non-compliance with environmental and health and safety regulations (EHS), as well as those costs associated with energy consumption.

Environmental damage caused by historical activities, although sometimes hardly noticeable, may significantly impact on a property value. During real estate operations, a due diligence is presented as an objective investigation tool which allows advising clients before proceeding with purchase, sale or property rental transactions. The main objective of these environmental audits is to identify any real or potential contaminating sources arising from the use of soil and groundwater to continue with the evaluation and calculation of remediation costs if necessary.

Due diligence audits conducted by MediTerra are mainly focused on:

Besides environmental and H&S issues, the comprehensive report includes the energy vector to verify legal compliance, evaluate building energy certification, diagnose energy consumption and identify energy efficiency improvements.

MediTerra has carried out more than two hundred Environmental Due Diligences and Environmental Management, Health and Safety studies in factories and facilities throughout Spain and Portugal.

MediTerra has conducted audits as well as investigated sites from the most diverse industrial sectors such as the automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, paper, plastic, metallurgical, ceramic, cosmetics, recycling, and various manufacture industries.

Some representative industries and clients are the following:
Johnson&Johnson, Universal-Vivendi, SunChemical, Akzo Nobel, PPG, Rexam, Coates Lorilleux, Aventis, NorskHydro, GE Capital, Enbridge, Morgan Matroc, SPX, Steelcase, Nubiola, Barclays, American Standard, AirProducts, Lar Grosvenor Group, Sanistán Ibérica, Novartis, Sara Lee, Alcoa, Exide Technologies, Gilette – Braun, Culligan, Luzenac-Explosivos RioTinto, Emerson, Guarro, ECO Refrigeración, Houghton Ibérica, Serica-Energy Corporation, XL, Arlington, Agalsa, Laimo, DDR, Tenería Puig, Taller d’Enginyeria Ambiental S.L., Cadbury Schweppes, Vorsevi S.A., Fibran S.A.,Watts & Partners, ENSR-AECOM, RSK, Arcadis, MWH, Burgéap, ENVIRON, Carl Bro, Energy & Environment (Denmark), Tauw (Holland), ETE, ATOS (France), WSP (UK), BAE Systems (UK), Cuatrecases Lawyers, Manubens Lawyers, Cornellà de Llobregat City Council, Santa Coloma de Gramanet City Council, and other private industrial companies.

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