World Water Day 2024


22nd March World Water Day

World Water Day 2024 with the theme "Water for Peace" presents a unique opportunity to highlight the crucial role that water plays in promoting peace, stability, and cooperation among communities and nations. On World Water Day, MediTerra's commitment to adhering to the ACA's (Agència Catalana de l'Aigua) "pla d'estalvi" (water savings plan) for the drought in Catalonia is essential for addressing the water crisis in our region. By aligning our efforts with the ACA's water savings plan, MediTerra can demonstrate its commitment to responsible water stewardship and contribute to building a more water-secure future for Catalonia and beyond. By uniting around the goal of protecting and conserving water resources, we can safeguard public health, promote economic prosperity, ensure food and energy security, preserve environmental integrity, and advance social equity for present and future generations.