Environmental Due Diligence of olive, almond and citrus plantations.


In collaboration with the English consultancy Delta-Simons, which was awarded the contract by a Canadian investment fund, MediTerra has carried out a two-phase environmental due diligence, which included approximately 30 olive and almond plantations and about 30 citrus plantations located in southern Spain and Portugal. The objective of this environmental due diligence (EDD) was to assess the environmental status of the plantations and to assess hidden environmental liabilities for the client who aimed to invest in the Spanish operating company to maintain the same activity.

The aspects assessed included legal compliance of water abstractions (surface and deep), evaluation of permitted water resources versus those actually used and future forecasting, considering aspects of climate change. The storage and use of fertilisers and phytosanitary products was also a fundamental aspect.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects, carbon footprint assessment and CO2 offset projects have been included in the assessment.



Challenge: to carry out audits in a few weeks and to produce complete reports in a short time.

MediTerra's solution: provide the client with complete reports with environmental and legal assessments and Capex costs.

Customer benefits: security of investment. 

About the client: Canadian investment group