Environmental consulting for the cessation and decommissioning of an industrial activity


MediTerra provides environmental advice during the cessation and decommissioning of industrial activities. It studies the activities carried out by the client and the local legal requirements and, on this basis, details the necessary actions for the closure of the activity. 

Challenge: Identify and present in an agile manner to the client the actions required for the cessation of the activity and its decommissioning.    

MediTerra's solution: MediTerra draws up a list of specific actions according to the activity and local regulations. It details the steps required to carry out each action, provides the necessary tools and resources (as well as contacts or guides for the completion of the procedures) and provides EHS legal support to the client during the cessation of the activity. If necessary, MediTerra also takes care of the contact with the authorities. All decommissioning processes, licences, legalisations, permits, etc. are indicated, detailing the information regarding the competent administrations and decommissioning forms.

These solutions include soil and groundwater investigations, which are required by legal obligation and/or in sale and purchase processes.

Benefits for the client: The client has MediTerra's advice at all times during the process and a detailed action plan with the necessary actions and the tools to carry them out.

It includes contact with the competent administrations according to each management to guarantee an efficient management, and to facilitate the bureaucratic procedures.

About the client: all types of multinational companies based in the Iberian Peninsula, especially within the industrial and freight logistics sector.