Environmental audits of Due Diligence of real estate


MediTerra participates in various projects of environmental Due Diligence in former industrial areas in the conurbation of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, which make up the strategic axes of development of the area, among which the following stand out:

  • Zona 22@, former industrial district of Barcelona, with development of activities such as hotels, student residences, retirement homes, residential in former industrial areas (Meridia, Conren-tramvai, Nubiola, Swisslife, etc.).
  • Zona Franca, participating in the purchase and sale (TMB, Goodman, etc.) of plots for new developments and advising on the development of new urban plans (Gran Via Sur).
  • Badalona and Sant Adrià waterfront, in new residential and industrial developments (Interxion, Marina Badalona, AGBAR, Ajuntament de Badalona, etc).
  • Consorci Urbanistic Parc de l'Alba (Cerdanyola), with the identification and investigation of former industrial areas and landfills prior to residential, service and technological developments (Sincrotrón Alba).

Challenge: to provide an agile response in a short period of time, including investigations into the quality of the soil prior to the transaction and to assess the viability of the transaction.

MediTerra's solution: to provide the client with a detailed photograph of the current state of the soil, assessing the decontamination actions planned both technically and in terms of time and costs. MediTerra takes care of the entire process and contact with the authorities if necessary.         

Benefits for the client: having an economic valuation of possible environmental liabilities and an action plan to make the land suitable for the intended future use.

About the client: MediTerra works either directly with the developer or as part of the sale and purchase audit team contracted by lawyers, Project management, architects, etc).