Environmental assistance at D-Hub Automotive (former Nissan)


MediTerra collaborates with the Australian multinational Goodman, developer of the D-Hub Automotive located in the former Nissan in Zona Franca (Barcelona), in the coordination of soil and groundwater remediation activities with the new development of the area.

The project is expected to last 4 years with post remediation monitoring until the closure of the files by the authorities.

In the first phase of Environmental Due Diligence, prior to the purchase, MediTerra has reviewed the state of soil and groundwater quality and carried out complementary investigations to assess potential environmental liabilities and possible future environmental liabilities.


Challenge: to provide an agile response in a short period of time, evaluating previous investigations with around 250 drill holes and identifying possible uninvestigated areas and how decontamination can be integrated into the new development of the area.

MediTerra:'s solution: provide the client with a detailed photograph of the current state of the soil, assessing the planned decontamination actions both technically and in terms of time and cost. Once the acquisition has been made, the decontamination actions are monitored and the activities to be carried out on the site are assessed in order to coordinate it with new constructions and avoid new contamination by the new operator.      

Benefits for the client: MediTerra: acts as a point of contact for environmental issues coordinating actions between the former operator responsible for decontamination (Nissan), the new industrial (D-Hub Automotive) and logistics (Goodman) operators and the authorities (Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya and Agencia Catalana de l'Aigua).

About the client: one of the world's largest real estate companies specialising in logistics.