Development of legal environmental and occupational risk prevention registers for industrial, technological companies and global offices.


MediTerra prepares tailor-made environmental, health and safety (EHS) legal registers for various companies in the industrial sector, technology sector and offices. It is also responsible for keeping legal records updated according to new legal requirements, the incorporation of new activities or the modification of existing ones by the client or the global context, which may generate the need to adopt new protocols or safety measures, as was imperative following the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Challenge: To develop EHS legal registers specific to the client's needs and the location of their offices or logistics centres, taking into account national, regional, local and European regulations.

MediTerra's solution: MediTerra studies each client's activities and responsibilities in detail in order to adapt each register to their operations and the local jurisdiction of their logistics centres or offices. To this end, a team of environmental consultants with local regulatory expertise ensures that it is tailored to the client's needs, thus eliminating unnecessary requirements.  Often, an initial audit is performed to assess activities and define applicable regulations and actions to be in compliance, which includes a first gap-analysis of legal compliance.      

Client benefits: MediTerra provides EHS legal support and advice for the client, outlining as precisely as possible what their obligations are and equipping them with the necessary resources and tools to carry out effective environmental and health and safety management.

About the client: Leading global technology companies including LinkedIn and Amazon, various industry sectors and other multinational representative offices.