Development of a programme for the management of hazardous substances storage and waste management in distribution centres.


MediTerra provides its experience and knowledge in the development of policies and programmes, as well as procedures, relating to the storage of hazardous substances and waste management, adapted to the legislation in force in the territories where the activity is implemented/developed, specialising in goods distribution centres of companies in the process of rapid expansion throughout the Iberian Peninsula. These works may or may not form part of an ISO 14.001 or ISO 45.001 Management System.

Challenge: to offer the client a fast and efficient service in the development and implementation of management policies for the storage of hazardous substances and waste management. The challenge is to offer an agile and effective response in keeping pace with the rapid expansion of companies during the start-up or operating period of facilities.

MediTerra's solution: to provide the client with all the documentation (manuals, procedures, records, etc.) necessary to implement and/or consolidate the management systems. The procedures are adapted to corporate templates/formats, as well as our own templates to be adapted according to customer requirements.

Of course, the process includes visits to the premises/facilities to carry out monitoring/implementation audits of the management systems, and to evaluate their effectiveness.

MediTerra is able to develop this process in less than 3 months to enable the client to quickly and effectively identify the weak points of the management systems and thus ensure the development of the activity in safe conditions to guarantee the safety of workers and the environment.

Benefits for the customer: 

  • Audit of existing facilities to determine where there is room for improvement in the management of hazardous materials/dangerous goods.
  • A strategic roadmap to achieve compliance and sustainable corrective actions.
  • EHS regulatory register in relation to the management of hazardous materials and products.
  • Basis of necessary requirements to be addressed in company policy.
  • Preliminary stock control recommendations for the procurement department to ensure that the boundaries were not breached.

About the customer: logistics distribution activities for goods and merchandise, including the e-commerce sector. These sectors are undergoing explosive expansion due to new consumer trends in society.