Consultancy in the resolution of contaminated soil dossiers for the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC)


MediTerra has been included in the panel of experts for technical assistance in the assessment of reports submitted to the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) by companies that voluntarily or by administrative requirement are carrying out soil investigation and remediation activities. The project has a maximum duration of five years.
MediTerra's tasks are to evaluate the information generated in each phase of the contaminated soil management process in Catalonia, as well as the resulting control and monitoring actions.
This project allows MediTerra to keep up to date with the latest guidelines on contaminated land management in Catalonia.


Challenge: to generate dossier assessment reports with fortnightly deliveries applying the contaminated land management criteria present in Catalonia. 

MediTerra's solution: establish an agile and efficient internal system to be able to respond to the short deadlines for the delivery of assessment files whilst maintaining a high level of quality. 

Benefits for the client: availability and speed in enquiries.  

About the client: the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC) is a Catalan public law entity associated with the Generalitat de Catalunya, which among other functions has the task of recovering spaces and soils degraded by uncontrolled discharges of waste or by contaminants.